AGS S2 E1 HD - Connections / Projects / Tabs / Variables

• IDS versions 5 through 12 are supported.
• User credentials can be set for a group of Informix connections, making it easier to manage multiple Informix instances where the same password change applies to all.
• Projects allow creation of user defined folders in the Object Explorer, to organize database objects, SQL scripts, ER diagrams and other files into meaningful groups.
• Server Studio optionally now presents tabs in a single row with a drop down list. Users can enter a specific text into any tab to make its header more meaningful.
• User specified color-coding of tabs allows differentiation, for example, between live and test servers.
• Substitution variables provide an easy way to manage and execute scripts when you need to run the same SQL using a different set of parameters, especially when the same parameter is used in the script in multiple places, reducing the probability of input error. They can be used in place of constant values or object names. If a script contains variable placeholders, a dialog box opens automatically prompting for the text to be substituted.
• Create/delete of dbspace/chunk and killing user sessions with IDS 11.5+ servers operates via JDBC rather than telnet/SSH, as does bringing back query optimizer execution or "explain" plans.

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