Server Studio Overview

Your IBM Informix environment may be complex, but the tools to manage it don’t have to be.

Server Studio is the premier graphical development and management environment and features a rich collection of modern tools. These tools help seasoned database professionals and novices alike manage their Informix infrastructure with an unprecedented ease and improved productivity. Server Studio helps organisations ensure that critical database applications remain up and perform at peak levels, manage change and assure continuing availability of vital business information.

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Server Studio™, together with Sentinel™, provide wide-ranging functionality to support your organization’s vital IBM Informix® databases — from initial design, development and testing, all the way through to production deployment and successful operational service

Created by AGS database experts in very close cooperation with IBM, Server Studio provides a comprehensive collection of modern, easy-to-use, proven tools for DBAs and developers that emulate natural workflow and improve efficiency of performing common database tasks such as:

  • Data Server Administration
  • SQL Development and Debugging
  • Schema Management
  • Configuration Auditing and Change Management
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data Storage Management and Reorganization
  • Database Security Administration

The highly intuitive, interactive functionality of Server Studio helps make short work of tasks that otherwise would consume hours of your valuable time.

A cohesive integrated graphical console unites all development, administration and maintenance activities for your entire infrastructure of IBM Informix® data servers at a centralized point of control and helps maximize availability, performance and maintainability of your vital databases, regardless of whether your servers are all in one location, or at remote sites around the world.

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